Classic Mustang Drug Through The Mud... Voluntarily!

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on 11/17/2021

We recently ran across a Fox body Mustang that had been outfitted with a fully capable off-roading chassis beneath it.

Now, we’ve found this footage of a classic vintage ‘Stang with a very similar setup: jacked up chassis and big mud tires! Apparently Mustang Mudding is a bigger deal than we knew about it.

In this video, the Mustang is joined by a couple of equally well-equipped pickups, and they all hit the backwoods bogs for some mudding action. They spend some time finding the spots that are a tad too much, and have to pull each other out of the muck here and there, but overall the Mustang and the pickups handle this mud like champs.

We will keep our eyes out for more Mustang mudding action, we are kind of curious now just how many of these things there are out there!