Clip Shows Ferrari 458 Caught on Camera Being Brutalized in Parking Lot

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/16/2021

Sometimes, we hit a patch in life where bad luck can’t help but fall right in our laps. One thing after another unfolds that really makes us just want to go to bed and wake up when the bad luck streak is all over. Now, if you’re Rob Ferretti, life can’t be all that bad. After all, the guy does have a fleet of exotic cars and a couple of businesses to his name. However, even for Rob, he has some days that he would probably rather forget.

As the owner of an exotic car rental company, we get to hear all about the crazy things that his customers like to do with his cars. Sometimes, they come back so beaten that Rob needs to sink major time, money, and effort into getting them repaired. It seems as if lately, he’s been on a rather unlucky streak with the cars in his fleet. Just when he was hoping that the tides would turn and get better, things escalated to a new level.

The entire situation was kicked off with a brake system failure on a car navigating the parking lot. We would think that with such a failure, an accident would be forgivable. However, when reviewing the footage, we find that maybe the driver in question was a bit more at fault than it sounds.

By following along with the video below, we watch as said driver discovers this fault. Before long, though, he decides to continue to try and drive! Before we know it, he rams straight into the front of that poor 458. Sure, it might’ve been a low-speed collision. However, just about everything on a Ferrari is going to be a rather expensive fix. It looks like it’s going to cost a couple of grand to fix what would otherwise be a pretty expensive fender bender!