Closest Finish Ever? Daddy Dave vs Shawn Wilhoit @ Conquer the Concrete

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/17/2021

There are a lot of factors that are invested in making sure that no prep drag racing events are as exciting as can possibly be. As if putting a whole bunch of top-notch drivers with top-notch machines on the same surface without any sort of track preparation that will guarantee a perilous journey through the brackets isn’t enough to really wet your whistle, a nice sum of cash is stashed on top to see who has the most willingness to stay in it to win it, pushing past all of the adversity and making their way to the finish line in the most consecutive races possible, overpowering all of their peers In the process to take home gold.

This time, the event in question is none other than the “Conquer the Concrete” no prep that went down at Thunder Valley Raceway Park. As lots of heavy hitters came out to play, there were a lot of fun matchups to watch as some of the best in the business went at one another to try and take home victory. In this one, we check out one of the races from the weekend that certainly didn’t disappoint as it provided action from the moment that the cars rocketed off of the line right on up to the point in time where they crossed the finish line.

If you follow along in the Big Rob Entertainment video below, you’ll watch as Daddy Dave takes his Goliath 2.0 Nova to the limit with The Mistress in the next lane over doing the same. Both of the drivers look like they worked the tree pretty well, so it was all about who could put together the best pass after that to see who would come home with the victory. This one was so close that they had to check out the replay to see who won! We won’t spoil it for you but you’ll be able to get the action from multiple angles for yourself and the finish really comes down to a couple of inches, if that!