Coast Guard Intercepts Submarine Carrying $181 Million In Drugs

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/17/2021

Every day, the Coast Guard has to battle with the elements of the sea and while we’re sure that every day on the job is different than the last, I don’t think that this day ended up resembling anything anywhere near what your average day as a member of the Coast Guard actually looks like.

On this day, July 19, 2015, the Coast Guard would head out and end up stumbling upon something incredibly worth their while. In International Waters off the coast of Central America, the team would spot a submarine carrying quite the quantity of drugs.

Where they were going, we never learned, but when the 40-foot vessel was apprehended, the Coast Guard was able to recover more than 6 tons of drugs, totaling up an estimated $181 million worth of street value. That’s more money than the vast majority of people in the world will ever see in their entire lifetimes, all found just floating out around with a couple people on board what appears to be a shoddy submarine.

The video below shows you what happens when the Coast Guard comes across people who are doing something that they probably shouldn’t be. The crew hopped to action, quickly ripping the guys out of the sub and recovering the drugs to a place where they could all be accounted for. The video captured by the 94th Airlift Wing showcasing the entire ordeal can be seen below.