Commercial Supersonic Speed Flights Aim to Cut Travel Time in Half

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/17/2021

When you take a look at all the companies that are rising up and taking over the marketplace these days, you might think that they specialize in something like giving rides for a company like Uber or connecting people if you’re looking at a company like Facebook.

However, in reality, while these are side effects of these ventures, the real service that they offer, if you will, is that of affording people time. How? Well, if you continue along with the Uber example, you have access to even more taxis without spending the time that it takes to call the cab company or trying to hail a cab. You can see when your ride is coming and use your time efficiently until then. After all, time is, bar none, the most valuable asset that anybody has and if you can come up with a way to give somebody more of it, you’ll probably do alright in the market.

When talking about these kinds of services that do what they can to give you more time, transportation is really one of the most prevalent industries that you would think of. After all, when you’re going from point A to point B, in many situations, you can’t really do much else. Sure, you might be able to take the time to be productive a bit, however, aside from maybe sitting on your laptop or your phone, I think it would be argued that taking a plane trip is pretty much sitting still and doing not much of anything for most people.

In the video below, you’ll learn a little bit about how one company is taking the concept of supersonic flights, a sped up version of regular flying that can do so much as cutting your travel time in half, and trying to commercialize it. With this company, they say that they should be able to offer 3.5-hour flights from New York to Paris, a journey that would traditionally take eight hours or more to be able to conquer regularly. That’s definitely saving you a good chunk of your valuable time while in time in the air, if you ask us.