COP Chases Bikers - Biker Makes Cop Leave!!

Posted by: Matt Wright on 11/18/2021

COP Chases Bikers – Biker Makes Cop Leave!!

We’ve seen a bunch of videos where a civilian doesn’t quite agree with a police officer, but this is probably the first one that we’ve seen where the civilian is in complete control.

As these bikers jet down the highway, stunting and doing wheelies, a nearby motorcycle cop drops in on the fun. As the cop attempts to pull the bikers over, they continue to taunt him, letting the cop know that they will not be stopped.

After a few seconds of pursuit, one of the riders shoos the cop away and he simply takes off. We wish that all traffic stops were that easy; can you say “no tickets!?”

Perhaps the officer knew that he wouldn’t be able to pursue the bikers or maybe their numbers overwhelmed him.

What is your take on this video?

Check out this cop pulling over another cop!

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