Corvette Owner Slashes Jeep Tire For Parking Too Close

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on 11/17/2021

Thankfully, this particular video is fake, but we know this kind of thing happens daily and both sides of it are ridiculous.

We all know that guy, the fellow who is so protective of his new car that he parks it a half mile out in the parking lot, sometimes taking up 2 or more spaces, to keep anybody else from parking near it. Sure, he’s proud of his ride and doesn’t want to see it get bashed by some careless jerk who pops his door open and dings the door thoughtlessly.

On the other hand, many of us know a guy who sees that car parked a half mile out and goes and cozies up extra close to them just to be an ass. It’s generally done in fun, but sometimes it gets taken too far. And then we know the road rageaholic who takes everything to the extreme when his blood pressure gets elevated and does things he knows better than to do.

Don’t be any of these guys, especially the last two. But if you want to make fun of them by making funny (but FAKE!) videos, do that!