Corvette Z06 Wants a Head Start vs Tesla P100D Drag Racing!

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/17/2021

Time after time, when we check out Tesla racing videos, we become more and more impressed at what an electric AWD setup is capable of. In the eighth mile, there’s almost no beating this thing unless you have a car that’s really set up to be able to handle the track!

This time, we head to Shady Side Dragway with the Tesla Racing Channel and their Tesla P100D fitted with Ludicrous Plus mode to see exactly what it has as it goes up against a couple of Chevrolet Corvette Z06s and even gives one of them a little bit of a head start.

Getting off of the line is most certainly the car’s strong suit when the AWD system alongside the instantaneous and constant torque really make magic happen. To say that this thing is a joy to watch rocket off of the line on factory wheels would really be an understatement. It’s just so darn consistent!

At one point, the driver’s girlfriend even gets in on the action, hopping behind the wheel to take a stab at the latest in Chevrolet performance in a brand new C7 Z06. Check it all out in the video below to see how other drivers react to the electric powered monster and how the Tesla drivers tackle the strip!