Country Club Assault is Here! From The Guys That Brought You Urban Assault!

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on 11/17/2021

Our compadres at Shreddy got together with some of their friends and put together another badass feature video, and we are stoked to share it with you today.

The video opens with some buddies – those of you into the skateboarding culture may recognize these faces – skating when one of them takes a tumble. While he’s knocked out from his fall, our skater has a vision, and it’s like nothing we’ve ever seen! During his unplanned slumber, we are transported to a country club, only instead of golf carts and roaming retirees, the course has been taken over by a slightly different type of vehicle.

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Replacing the Club Cars are a pair of wicked off-road rides: a buggy and a trophy truck! They came to catch some air and shred some grass and they do plenty of both while putting on a different type of driving lesson than what the golfers are used to. Sailing from hill to hill and giving the course a unique makeover that we have to assume the members will be very, very displeased with.

As our fallen skater is roused by his buddies, the action on the course comes to a close, and the see the ironic cause of the crash that sent our friend to la-la land: he’d run over a golf tee that caused him to hit the concrete.

We have to give the guys at Shreddy some huge props, along with the drivers, Blake Wilkey and Myan Spaccarelli, as well as all of the companies that contributed to this awesome project!