Coyote Powered '67 Ford Truck Shreds The Streets of L.A

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/16/2021

There’s something that really hits the sweet spot for many when it comes to old school rides. Nostalgia and design can really speak to the heart directly. Many would agree that it’s easy to fall in love with something like a 1967 pickup truck of any variety. However, saying that anything from the 60s is the complete package really is stepping out of line.

We aren’t saying that an old school ride like this with an original setup can’t be awesome in its own right. However, it’s certainly not going to deliver on metrics like horsepower and comfort. Thankfully, the aftermarket has really stepped in and allowed machines like this 1967 Ford F100 to transform into something new owned by Derek Brown.

This time, we take a ride along with AutotopiaLA. If there’s one YouTube channel that is going to bring us the most awesome restomods, this is it! With this one, it’s more of the same as they deliver us to an incredible truck that really proves to be a head-turner.

When this old school Ford started off life, it was nothing more than a workhorse. Designed to get the job done, the Ford F100 really filled a need. Today, though, we find that it fills an entirely different need as the truck has been transformed into a pro-touring machine.

Among the upgrades on board, we find that the truck has been outfitted with everything from a custom suspension to a tricked out interior and of course, an engine swap. At the heart of this 67, we discover modern power in the beloved Coyote platform.

There’s just something about these modern meets classic builds that we can’t help but sink our teeth into. We think of this old school pickup truck is definitely going to provide a little something for everyone to love.

photo credit – @notstockphoto