Crazed road rager runs motorcycle off the road in front of a cop

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/18/2021

It’s hard you believe half of the stuff that you see happening on the road today as delivered through the pages of the Internet via random dashcam and GoPro videos.

We have seen road rage in every way, shape, and form and let’s just say that maybe humankind is a lot less mentally advanced than we had all originally thought it was.

It’s amazing how brashly people can act and, in a situation like this, and not realize that their actions of anger could quickly lead to murder. In this situation, you could even argue that the driver of the Jeep Grand Cherokee could be charged with attempted murder.

We watch as a bout of road rage between the Jeep and a motorcycle unfold, when all of a sudden, the Jeep driver swerves at the motorcycle, blasting the rider into the median right in front of a police officer.

We aren’t saying that the rider of the motorcycle was completely innocent because the video’s description tells us that he might have instigated, but when you went out to the store to get some milk, going home with an attempted murder charge isn’t a good look for anybody.

We aren’t told if the two hooligans were ever tracked down and charged or not.