Crazy Old Man Driving Prank in an Mercedes AMG Wagon

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on 11/17/2021

We love a good prank video, and this one could be one of the best ones we’ve seen!

This older gentleman asks passers-by for help diagnosing a “noise” in his Mercedes AMG Wagon. Once the victims are seated in the Benz, the old man takes them on an insane joyride around this icy parking lot, drifting and powersliding around in the open lot and sending the passengers into fits, a couple of them joyful and one in obvious dread and fear of this life. He does an excellent job of maintaining the ruse of a troubled motorist just trying to find out what’s wrong with his car despite deftly maneuvering the badass wagon around the parking lot.

Once the ride is over, the older gentleman reveals himself as three time rally racing champion Petter Solberg, who each of the prank victims recognize immediately. Check out their reactions to the heart-pumping thrill ride!