Crowmod vs Kye Kelly at American Outlaws Live

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/18/2021

It’s always great to see strong competitors go at it with a clean pass by both cars, really telling you which car and driver combo is the best when all factors are on top of their game.

While that might be fantasy, reality says that not every pass is perfect. In fact, most would consider a day of racing without mishap a rare success.

This time, we check out the scene from American Outlaws Live as Big Chief and Kye Kelly line up to do battle in a long-awaited pairing. However, unfortunately, Kye has some issues getting off of the line.

Check out the action and the video below as the Crowmod blasts its way down the track to an easy win. We would love to see these two cars go out again when all factors are on point.