Cummins Diesel Powered Nova Lets The Coal Roll at Lights out 8

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/17/2021

Lights Out is one of those events that really needs no explanation. If you’re a part of the racing community you know what it is and odds are that you have your eyes glued to it waiting to see just how fast the cars are going to be pushed this year and what kind of wild antics you’re going to see out there on the race track as teams really try to push their machines to the next level. This kind of situation is where the craziness really starts to unfold as sometimes drivers cross that line that dictates what’s safe and what’s crazy!

This time, surprisingly, we’re checking out a car that isn’t necessarily the event’s fastest but thanks to its unique setup, managed to stir up quite the pot of attention when it made its way down the lanes at Lights Out 8 propelled by none other than a Cummins diesel engine. That’s right, this old school Chevrolet Nova was rolling coal as it pushed its way down the eighth mile!

Now, win or lose, this thing is a bundle of fun to say the least and even though it didn’t take home victory on this pass, the car isn’t even close to something that we would consider to be “slow.” We have to tip our hats to the guys behind this one because they really did do a magnificent job of throwing something different into the mix to compete. From what we understand, the setup was still relatively new going into the event so we wouldn’t be surprised to see this thing coming in hot and blowing some doors off at Lights Out 9. I guess that you’ll just have to keep those eyes peeled to see what happens next! Don’t be surprised if the car provides one heck of a ride!