Daddy Dave and Tina's Thoughts on Track Racing

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/18/2021

You have heard over and over again that street racing is a dangerous activity and when you are out on an open road with other motorists who aren’t aware of the race, it is.

Perhaps the scary thing about it is that you could possibly injure people who didn’t sign up for the risk if you are careless about it.

However, what isn’t as commonly heard is the point of view that racing on a track holds more danger than racing on the street does. When you think about it, in some situations, that might be true.

Even though it goes against the consensus, Daddy Dave and Tina seem to be planted in this idea given their history of not being so lucky on the track.

Listen in as we get more insight on exactly what it is that has them thinking this way and tell us what you think. Is this something that you could bring yourself to agree with or is it off base?