Daddy Dave Testing Small Tires For Lights Out 8! Hauling Ass!

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on 11/17/2021

Daddy Dave is on a mission to put up some big numbers next weekend at Lights Out 8. He’s been at Darlington Dragway for the past couple of days fine tuning his ProCharged Nova for the small tire extravaganza that kicks off next Thursday at South Georgia Motorsports Park.

Dave, who will be taking a shot that Outlaw Drag Radial, looks to be well on his way to laying down the power needed to jump into one of the more competitive classes in small tire racing. The scoreboards are off, so we just have to use our eye and ear dynos to judge the pass, and this run passes both tests! Besides a quick move to the right around halftrack, the car appears to make a great pass, with the engine screaming for the full 1/8th mile.

Can Daddy Dave get Goliath 2.0 ready to take on the ODR field at Lights Out 8? We’d say he’s well on his way!

Posted by Daddy Dave on Thursday, February 9, 2017