Daddy Dave VS Big Chief $5,000 grudge race!!!

Posted by: Randy Zebraman on 11/17/2021

As far as rivalries go Chief VS Daddy Dave might just sit at the top for street racing. Chief, and Dave have been racing each other whether it be at the backwards track races, conquer the concrete, no prep races, streets, or just cruising in daily drivers. These two will always get down.

You won’t find a more accomplished racer in the no prep world than Daddy Dave, winner of numerous street races, and no prep races. Dave has been known to drive ANYTHING! We’ve seen him roll race a GTR even.

Chief is currently the king of the 405 streets, sitting number 1 on the coveted list, a past Outlaw Armageddon winner (the inaugural race for $20,000) and one of the biggest gamblers in racing today! Self admittedly Chief has a losing record against Dave, but has had the better end of things here lately, holding him off for number 1 on the list numerous times. Thus giving Big Chief the confidence to call Dave out for whatever amount of money he had in his pockets!

Both guys made solid test passes Thursday night in testing, however, Dave did not race in the Big Tire unlimited race on Friday, Chief put on an amazing display of driving, having crashed 8 times or so without hitting anything thankfully. However he did fall victim to “Sparky” first round.