Daddy Dave VS Little Country @ Lights Out 8 For Big Money

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on 11/17/2021

Each year at Duck X Production’s pair of massive small tire blowouts – Lights Out in the spring and No Mercy in the fall – a few racers will throw down the gauntlet and race each other in qualifying for a little grudge race action. These races are usually set up ahead of the event and are talked about on Facebook, where the fans can get involved and pick a side to build the hype.

Last month, Justin “Little Country” Swanstrom, driver of the badass nitrous-huffing Mustang known as Apocalypse, called out none other than Street Outlaws star Daddy Dave and Goliath 2.0, his ProCharged Nova, for a little grudge action, and the fans ate it up! As the two rolled to the line, the spectators were on their feet and Little Country and Daddy Dave certainly delivered a race worthy of the hype, except for one minor detail.

Despite the scoreboards showing Dave as the winner, and his 4.21 ET being just a tad quicker than the 4.26 laid down by Swanstrom, Daddy Dave had left just a few thousandths of a second too quick, leaving the dreaded redlight shining at the starting line, meaning Apocalypse would be declared the winner and Little Country would take the $5,000 cash home with him.

It was definitely a great race between to closely matched cars and two great drivers. Perhaps they will line up again in the fall at No Mercy and give Dave a chance to redeem the redlight.