Dad's Reaction - Subaru WRX STI 30Psi 500 WHP On Full Boost

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on 11/17/2021

When we walk in each morning, we gather around the big conference room table in the Speed Society HQ office and immediately start chatting about what we will be sharing today. Without fail, somebody brings up the topic of reaction videos, and we’ll all dig into the YouTubes looking for some new mom, dad, girlfriend or other unsuspecting person to be shocked – or not, as we’ve seen few times – by a full-throttle ride in a badass car.

This one jumped out at us because YouTuber Shayne’s dad seems to be trying his best to keep his reaction as lukewarm as possible, but if you look closely at a few different points in the video, you can see the look of fear creep onto his face despite his best efforts to tamp it down.

We get it, dad. No man in his right mind wants to have his son cause him to show fear. I’m a dad, I would fight it with all I had to not let my son ever see fear on my face, especially if he were trying his best to scare me for his own amusement. But, when you’re strapped into a 500 HP Subie and your own flesh and blood is at the helm, there’s only so much you can do to hold back the fear, especially when he’s rowing through the gears and passing cars at a pretty high rate of speed on the highway.

Of course, Shayne appears to be in full control of his car, which he’s had for quite some time and should be very familiar with, even at these high horsepower levels. But that along doesn’t do quite enough to quell dad’s uncertainty, as you can see if you look closely enough. It is cool that he knows cars well enough to remember taking an LS3-powered Vette for a spin and realizing his son’s car pulls harder than that car did.

Go ahead, guys and gals, let’s get your moms and dads belted into your passenger seats and take them for a ride while you give it a little hell and record their reactions for us. We’d love to see what our fans come up with, as long as you make sure to always be safe at all times!