Dale Earnhardt Jr. Frustrated with Weekends Performance...

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/17/2021

For those who oversimplify NASCAR and write it off as nothing more than a bunch of left turns, even during the sessions that aren’t on tracks with varying turns, otherwise known as road courses, these guys go through tons of small and nagging battles with each and every race, trying to get car and driver on the same page in a place where they can take home victory. Left turn after left turn might seem simple but with all those G-forces pushing on you and the elements beating on the car, it really ends up being quite the war every weekend before you even consider the competition on the track!

Even for a professional as well-versed as Dale Earnhardt Jr. is, not everything comes together perfectly every weekend. Even after years of going to battle out on the track, sometimes, the stars just don’t align and things don’t work out with something even as simple as the position of the shifter. Even though this issue could be more complicated underneath, the simplicity that it seems to have on top really has Junior incredibly frustrated as nothing seems to be wrong with the car but he really can’t help but blame the lack of shifting ability on his own actions.

This just goes to show you that some days even when you’re putting everything that you’ve got into it, maybe it just isn’t your day. The look on his face says it all as he tries and struggles to explain exactly what’s happening out there on the track. With so much on the line, things like this can put even more pressure on the situation that is already a boiling pressure cooker.

If you want to join in on the situation, you can ride along with Earnhardt Jr. and his commentary down in the video below as he attempts to dive in on something that has probably been happening in more pits than just this one during every race. From engineering to the wrenching to the driving of the car, lots of different dynamics need to come together in just the right combination to make victory happen and after all of that work, when they just don’t, it can be a real heartbreaker.