Dale Earnhardt Jr. Wants to run a truck race at Martinsville

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on 11/17/2021

He may be retired from stock car racing’s top series, but NASCAR’s crown prince hasn’t ruled out climbing back into the cockpit altogether.

Dale Earnhardt Jr retired from the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series last year after years as the most popular driver in the sport, if not all of American motorsports. After climbing from the car for the last time, Earnhardt joined the broadcast team that brings the races into our homes each week, but he’s leaving himself the option to try something he never tried during his career: driving in the truck series!

Dale says he would love to get behind the wheel of a Camping World Truck Series ride at Martinsville Speedway to see what the trucks are like from the inside instead of just watching as a spectator. Earnhardt speaks of fellow commentator and former world champion Jeff Gordon’s love for that particular facility and says he would love to go head to head with Gordon in the Truck Series.

Whether or not this little NASCAR style grudge race will ever happen remains to be seen, but there’s nothing stopping either of the drivers from climbing back into the seat and duking it out. It would be interesting to see how the two handle the trucks, which I have to assume drive much differently than their MENCS counterparts.

What do you guys think? Earnhardt was certainly a proficient driver, but most would agree when it comes to talent on the track, Gordon had the advantage. Would the new territory of the truck series level the playing field a bit, or would Gordon’s natural talent still put him ahead of Junior? Bristol was also mentioned in the segment, would you guys rather seem them race at Bristol or Martinsville? It’s hard to beat Bristol for excitement but Martinsville is a more technical track. Let us know what you think in the comments!

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Wants To Run A Truck Race With Jeff Gordon

"Martinsville Speedway, man. That's where it's at." Dale Earnhardt Jr. said on #WednesDale that he'd consider running a NASCAR Truck Series race at Martinsville, and would like Jeff Gordon to join him.

Posted by NASCAR on NBC on Thursday, June 21, 2018