Danica Patrick vs a Flying Sneaker in Middle of NASCAR Race

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/17/2021

When you engage in just about any race, there are lots of factors to consider and that’s even if no adversity comes your way. However, when you’re on a competitive racing surface jocking it out with other drivers, more likely than not, some sort of adversity is bound to make its way into your path. This time, however, the adversity faced is quite literally in the path of Danica Patrick as she was rolling around in a NASCAR race, holding on to her lead, when all of a sudden something funky would end up happening.

I’m not sure if this is a first or not but it wouldn’t shock me to hear that it is. As Patrick pushed her number 7 car down the track and around the corners, she would eventually be confronted by none other than a sneaker! That’s right, somebody in the stands must’ve taken off their shoe and threw it in the path of the car. With nowhere to go, Patrick would end up running over the sneaker which would do some damage to the underside of her vehicle, causing the car to lose a little bit of steering ability. It would not be enough to make Patrick crash, however, it did cause her to lose the lead as she would find herself trying to figure out how to control this newfound steering setup thanks to the input of the sneaker.

If you follow along down in the video below, you’ll be able to see exactly how the sneaker managed to change the course of this race and take Danica off of her podium. Out of everything that we have seen in the world of racing, this one is definitely one of the more obscure moments toward the top of the list. It’s not every day that you see wild debris flying like this as it looks like someone really didn’t like the pole sitter in this one.