Detroit Speed Builds The Custom Sub-Frame For Kristians Z/28 Build For Brain Cancer '69 Camaro

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/16/2021

Depending on the vehicle that one wants to construct, they could have all sorts of different levels of customization. When it came to Kristian’s Build for Brain Cancer, the crew here at Speed Society wanted to make sure to give him the perfect ride. This meant going over it with a fine-tooth comb. No stone was left unturned in the pursuit of perfection. From the body to the chassis and even the paint, just about everything on this car has been perfected.

This meant bringing some awesome people on board to help out!

Now that all is said and done with the build, we’re able to go back and take a close look at what exactly went into making something like this come to life. This time, the folks responsible for making amazing happen were none other than Detroit Speed. Seriously, the amount of attention to detail that they invest here is second to none.

Lots of time, effort, and elbow grease are sewn into making every component come together. This time, those features are present as we watch the construction of the Camaro’s custom subframe. These guys have gotten so good at building these things that the process almost looks easy. In reality, though, this is the result of tons of effort invested in honing a craft.

This time, we get to drop in as Detroit Speed builds the custom subframe for Kristian’s Z28. It’s the touches like these that really make the build come together to be as great as it possibly can. Thanks to a conveniently placed camera, we’re able to watch as the unit comes together in just a single minute. Watching a video like this can give us an all-new appreciation for what it means to construct the perfect components for a show quality ride.

Hydroformed Subframe Timelapse 2020

Built with pride in the USA!Detroit Speed’s front subframe is a bolt-in replacement for the original stock subframe. It improves the handling and ride quality by utilizing Detroit Speed’s unique suspension geometry. It is the ONLY subframe in the aftermarket industry with hydroformed frame rails. The hydroformed frame rails feature strength and stiffness, precise quality and repeatability. Hydroforming preserves the steel’s strength and stiffness because it is performed at low temperatures, unlike traditional high temperature processes which decrease material strength.This subframe ended up in Kristian Nyberg's Speed Society built 1969 Camaro.

Posted by Detroit Speed on Friday, January 10, 2020