"Devil's Playground" - EVO Flies Off Cliff - Pikes Peak Story

Posted by: Matt Wright on 11/18/2021

“Devil’s Playground” – EVO Flies Off Cliff – Pikes Peak Story

Pikes Peak is well known as one of the best driving roads in the country, if not the world. Yearly hillclimb events like the one we see in this video put even the most experienced drivers to the test.

All looked to be on par for the Evolution Dynamics team driving their Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution up the peak during a time attack event when all of a sudden, life nearly changed forever.

Check out the video below as the team pushes it too hard, going faster than their practice speed, resulting in a crash off of the side of the mountain. This all occurred only a few miles from the finish line around a turn known to locals as “Devil’s Playground.”

Both drivers were somehow able to climb out of the wreckage uninjured. Their main advice to other race drivers is to not skimp out on the safety equipment! Maybe you’ll think twice next time before you go to buy that knock off part! If these guys didn’t spring for the real stuff, odds are they wouldn’t be around to tell their story.