Did That Ford Fiesta Really Just SPANK a Supra!? Mega Sleeper!

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on 11/17/2021

Cars like this Ford Fiesta are the very reason you simply cannot trust your eyes or even your ears when it comes to guessing a cars performance level. This car looks basically stock and doesn’t sound particularly badass, but when it comes time to crank up the MPH on the half mile, this car takes no hostages and lays down some killer speeds that nobody saw coming, not even the guys at 1320, who have seen thousands of cars in their time behind the camera.

The Fiesta, with an estimated 380 horsepower, seems like it would be badly outgunned in the top speed competition with cars like ZL1 Camaros and Toyota’s speed king, the venerable Supra. However, the Ford lines them up and takes them down one by one, taking wins against cars it simply shouldn’t be able to outrun. So what’s the secret to the car’s insane top end? Put simply, physics! While the power output is healthy, it’s hardly spectacular, so the other major factor in making a car fast comes into play: weight reduction. Most cars, even with some weight pulled, weigh over 3,000 pounds, which hurts the power to weight ratio. The Fiesta’s owner knows he’s limited on power, so he set about yanking copious amounts of weight, resulting in the car tipping the scales around 2,700 pounds, a significant advantage over the other cars.

Just sit back and watch the footage of the little Fiesta putting in work, it really is a marvel to watch it roll out on the top end, ripping off a top speed of 143 MPH, which is a great number for a car making less than 400 horsepower. Unfortunately, the car blew a turbo feed line on the last run, spraying oil all over the engine bay and bringing and end to the fun. Hopefully the turbo itself wasn’t damaged, though it doesn’t take long for a turbo to eat itself up when there is no oil keeping things lubricated.