Did You Know The Gravediggers Paint Job Is All Hand Painted

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on 11/17/2021

If you follow Monster Jam at all, or have ever watched a monster truck show in the past couple of decades, you’ve almost certainly seen Gravedigger and it’s awesome graveyard-themed motif crushing the cars and the competition.

You don’t have to watch long to see that a big part of modern Monster Truck shows, especially the awesome Freestyle part of the competition, is the truck ending up pretty much destroyed. The fans love to see these behemoths roll over, flip, or otherwise end up on their lid by the time the clock runs out on their Freestyle run, so that necessitates the trucks have plenty of extra bodies on standby.

Most of them, understandably, apply a bright, detailed wrap to the truck to save time and money compared to having to have countless bodies painted by hand. While I can certainly appreciate how much easier and quicker it is to throw a big decal on a truck compared to the obvious time and energy it takes to paint each new body, there’s no denying there’s something special about a hand-painted scheme.

That’s just one more way that Gravedigger stands out. The truck’s owner, Dennis Anderson, is keeping it old school and having a painter lay out the graphics on the truck by hand with real paint on each new ‘Digger body. And anybody who has ever watched Anderson behind the wheel knows that he pushes Gravedigger to the extreme, almost certainly accounting for the most wins in Freestyle competition in Monster Jam history.

He goes through a body almost every time out, so painter Jim McShea has plenty of work to keep him busy. With no end to the Graveidgger’s dominance of the freestyle monster truck work, it’s no wonder he’s gotten to where he can throw a fresh paint job on the truck in just a matter of hours, where most painters would need at least a couple of days to put this kind of work on a truck, and this is just one of many reasons Anderson and ‘Digger have such a massive fanbase.