Did You Know They Have a Top Fuel Dragster Roller Coaster?

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/17/2021

There are two kinds of people in this world, those who love things like roller coasters and those who would probably stay firmly planted on the ground where nothing bad could possibly happen. Personally, I would probably categorize myself as one of those people who would rather stay planted on the ground or even go 200 mph in a car before I would ever consider getting on a roller coaster and throwing myself through the air. However, even for folks like myself, I think that most of us can see where the thrill comes from with a ride like this one.

As time is going on and the folks in the theme park industry have really put on their thinking caps to draw in more of an audience, all sorts of different roller coasters have made their way to the public eye. If you’re a Harry Potter fan, there’s a roller coaster out there designed especially for you and if you want something that has to do with, say, dinosaurs, there are plenty of roller coasters that will fill your need to be engrossed with this theme. This time, however, we check out a roller coaster that attempts to mimic the Top Fuel Dragster experience.

While going 0 to 120 mph in less than four seconds, it might not be exactly as quick as a Top Fuel car as they’ll probably go more than double the speed in such a time frame, this kind of acceleration is enough to make just about anybody’s blood rush to the back of their head and give them that feeling of flying as you absolutely rocket into this ride with a vengeance.

The video below will take you on a spin with the Top Thrill Dragster that attempts to put you in the driver’s seat to throw you through some twists and turns, giving those who are brave enough to try it out the ride of a lifetime!