Diesel-Swapped '72 Challenger Rips Huge Burnout Inside Shop!

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on 11/17/2021

Sometimes you just have to send it, but you have to be careful about getting one more ticket for doing burnouts in the street, so you avoid that risk altogether and just rip a big smoky burnout tight there in the shop!

Just like the car itself, it’s unconventional, but it’s pretty dang cool for sure. Of course, I don’t know if avoiding a ticket was the real motivation behind this indoors smoke show or if the owner of this diesel-swapped Dodge Challenger just wanted to fill the shop with the mix of diesel exhaust and tiresmoke for the hell of it. Either way, I’m glad he decided to do it and especially happy he made sure somebody was there to video it.

There are quite a few comments on this video asking why anybody would cram a diesel into an iconic muscle car like this 1972 Dodge Challenger, and to them I say why the heck not? Looking at the wheel and tire combo and roll cage, it’s safe to assume this isn’t an all-original ride anyway, so a lot of the value of keeping the original powerplant under the hood has been lost in cutting the car up to make it a drag car.

As far as why a diesel specifically? Again, because why not? Diesel performance has come a long way in the past few years, going from a niche market to a substantial part of the performance industry, and diesels make insane power and put up great elapsed times on the track, all the while putting on an awesome smoke show.

It’s not conventional, to be sure, but that’s what makes it awesome in our book. This is just one more unique build that will certainly not be lumped in with any other group of cars as “typical” or “boring”. And if somebody were to try to classify it as anything but cool, it wouldn’t matter anyway because we wouldn’t be able to hear them over the roar of the exhaust and the screaming rear tires!