Dirt Drag Outlaw Third Gen Chevy Camaro... Does It Come With a Mullet?

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/17/2021

Normally, when you think Chevrolet Camaro, you might be thinking of a car rolling around in the streets, maybe shined up a little bit so that the owner can show off exactly what they’ve got. If not on the streets, perhaps it’s a car that you think of as being involved in some type of autocross event or maybe even drag racing because the platform is not only affordable but also has a wide range of parts that you can hook up and be ready to roll on a budget. Some might even argue that it’s one of the most versatile platforms out there as far as drag racing goes and the way that it interacts with the aftermarket.

This time, however, we check out a Camaro that’s just a little bit different. I don’t think that this car will be making its way to car shows anytime soon or even making an appearance on the concrete drag strip as many of its Camaro brothers have. Instead, the car has been tricked out and chopped up in order to be able to handle the dirt drags. Long story short, this is a Camaro like you have never seen before as it has been completely transformed from street machine to off-road monster, complete with the big paddle tires out back to help it dig down deep and catch traction in the mud.

Honestly, we have to admit that we have quite fallen in love with this thing. Not only does it do its job well but it really looks the part as this thing is pretty menacing in the mud, rocking that inverted header look as the pipes stick straight out of the hood, letting everybody within a several mile radius know that the driver is laying into the throttle and giving the car all that it’s got.