Dirty Turtle Boo Bash Bounty Hill - Extreme UTV episode 17

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/17/2021

When it comes to the Extreme UTV series, the action inside is exactly as the name itself sounds. The aim of this 17 installment series that is still running strong allows us to bring you some of the strongest and heaviest hitting UTVs in the game and deliver them straight to your screen.

This time, the action is coming straight at us from Dirty Turtle Off-Road Park in Bedford, Kentucky for the annual Boo Bash Bounty Hill Beatdown and these drivers are having at it, each with the aim of making it up the bounty hill to collect $1000 as the fastest to make it to the top.

Check out the video below but be sure that you don’t touch the tape on the sides because if you do, well, you’re disqualified. Some of these rigs have a tough ride and don’t exactly scream graceful as they fall down the hill but others might just surprise you a little bit as they show you what such a small machine is capable of.