DIY Under Seat Cabinets Might be the Ultimate Truck Mod

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/16/2021

Truck owners have probably noticed that the folks creating their vehicles are getting pretty clever. For those who have owned full-size trucks over the years, storage solutions are getting more and more nuanced. After all, those behind these models have had a really long time to think about the designs. With that, they seem to get better with every generation.

When it comes to the back seat, speaking from personal experience, the fold-up functionality is one of those simple improvements that’s just incredibly useful. Speaking from experience in coming from a truck that didn’t have a simple fold-up seat like this, it’s one of those things that can be easily taken for granted but shouldn’t be.

The fold-up functionality allows all sorts of storage underneath but also allows the space to open up for bigger items. With that in mind, though, there still isn’t really much of a space in most trucks to store small items in one place. For those who have loose objects in the back of their trucks, they can definitely attest to this. If someone had, let’s say, a collection of ratchet straps, there’s no guarantee that they would stay put. Instead, these small items tend to roll around and find their own homes.

This time, however, we check in with Zero to Awesome on YouTube as they’ve come up with quite the trick contraption to solve that problem. With just a couple of basic materials from the hardware store along with some basic tools, they create a storage system that has the comment section singing its praise. Not only does the storage system create something functional. It also creates something that some commenters say they haven’t seen on the market before.

The best part is that the video below lays out how to execute the entire project for free. By simply purchasing the materials and investing some elbow grease, these boxes could make a world of difference!