Dodge Demon Takes on C7 Corvette Z06, Mustang, More in Half Mile!

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/17/2021

There’s a sort of unwritten rule among automotive enthusiasts that whenever a new vehicle or platform comes out, we have this burning need to put it through every test imaginable and compare it against pretty much every other car in its class. It just so happens that the latest among the hot-button topics when it comes to the world wheels is none other than the Dodge Demon, Mopar’s crack at making a street legal drag car. Anyway, we won’t bore you with too many other details because we’re sure that you’ve heard all about the amazing statistics that this car has to offer. Rather, this time, it’s time to get down to action.

In this one, all of the footage is rolling out of YouTuber, BigKleib34‘s, cameras and it’s bringing us the action from the WannaGoFast half mile event this past weekend out in Dallas, Texas. As it turned out a couple of Demons were on the scene to take a crack at seeing exactly what they could do on a half mile of airstrip along with having a couple of fun runs with other cars just to see where they would stack up. It’s pretty interesting to see the results because we would argue that the Demon is being taken out of its element here as it seems to have been designed to handle shorter lengths of strip like the quarter mile, but we think that, for a production car, it really came through with flying colors.

If you follow the footage for yourself, you’ll see a couple of passes that yield over 150mph in just a half mile of space as the car runs side-by-side with some of the most impressive recent releases in the performance world. Considering that one of the cars still had the temporary tags on it and they’re both more likely than likely still as they were when they rolled off of the assembly line, that’s a pretty high mark to reach. There are a lot of vehicles out there with substantial modification that still aren’t even going that fast!