Dodge Teasing us With The Dodge Demon, Running on High Octane!

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/17/2021

Each and every week up until the release of the Dodge Demon, it looks like we’re going to get a new video that details a little bit more of the car to us and gets everybody just a little bit more hyped up for the eventual release of Dodge’s new flagship muscle car.When this thing finally comes out, it had better be a heavy hitter because all of these little teasers sure are building up the set of expectations. Anything short of perfection and I’m sure that all of the naysayers won’t hesitate to start tearing it apart limb from limb.

This time, we get yet another little teaser video that it appears to be centered around the fact that car will be equipped with a mode that allows the driver to fuel up with high octane fuel, meaning that with the push of a button, your Demon will be able to change tunes and run race gas on the fly.

Check out the video below that will give you a virtual tour through the heart of the upcoming Demon with a Fast and Furious like animation and be sure to tell us if you picked up on anything that this video had to offer that isn’t in your face. To us, this looks like just another little teaser clip but with the way that Dodge has been hiding numbers all over these videos, it wouldn’t surprise us if there was yet another secret hidden within the animation somewhere.