Does the Price of a Drill Bit Sharpener Actually Matter? The Results Really Show

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/16/2021

By taking a look at someone’s tool collection, you could probably learn a lot about them.

Some collections encompass all high-end tools. Somebody who’s willing to spend a lot of money on their craft might go out and buy name brands for everything. Other tool collections may just have some cheaper products on board. These folks could be fans of trying to find a good deal.

We would venture to say that most two collections have a mixture of both. We think that a lot of folks realize that there are certain places to spend money and other places to save it. Figuring out just that right happy medium will have you the happiest possible in the garage.

This time, we dive into a tool that sways a bit more toward being a maintenance item. We would venture to think that this is one item that can be added to a lot of garages around the world. Some likely wonder about which brand of drill bit is the strongest. However, for the bits that manage to hang around without being broken off, sharpening can help add to their longevity. It’s not always about having the best tools. That might be part of the equation. However, the other part of the equation is exactly how those tools are maintained.

This time, we get into it with the help of the Project Farm YouTube channel. The idea here is to dig into which drill bit sharpener does the best possible job. When it comes to making sure that bits are doing what they’re supposed to, keeping them sharp certainly won’t hurt. In fact, this might just add quite a bit of time onto the life of each bit. With something like this, friction is the enemy. Keeping bits sharp is going to keep that friction away.