Does Streetbike Tommy Have Talent? Drag Race Edition

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on 11/17/2021

Fans of Nitro Circus will certainly remember the show’s lovable klutz, “Street Bike” Tommy Passemante. Tommy was one of the most memorable cast members due to his penchant for attempting stuns that required little more than the courage to attempt them. He famously earned his nickname when he jumped his motorcycle over the foam pit by accident, breaking both of his legs upon landing on the ground on the other side of the foam pit.

However, for all of his mindless stupidity, Tommy actually does have some appreciable skills, especially when it comes to driving vehicles of the four-wheeled variety.

In this video below, from the Nitro Circus YouTube channel, Tommy jumps behind the wheel of a V8 drift car and lines up with extreme sports athlete James Foster in a nearly identical car. While both cars are built for drifting, there’s no reason these two can’t take them down the drag strip as well, and with the cars being so similar, that makes the driver mod that much more of a necessity.

Both drivers clean off the tires and heat them up a little with quick burnouts before rolling up to the starting line. After staging carefully, the lights come down and Tommy gets a massive holeshot on Foster, who is just plain late getting off the line. The cars traverse the quarter mile in about fifteen seconds, not exactly blistering numbers, but Tommy takes an easy win thanks to his quicker reaction time.

There’s a reason drivers in drag racing classes from Top Fuel down to junior dragsters spend hours practicing their reaction time. You can see just how big a difference the holeshot makes when two cars are similarly powered, which is often the case in heads up classes under any sanctioning body. Congrats to Tommy for earning the win!