Dominator Has One Hell Of a Time Putting The Power Down At Street Outlaws Live

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on 11/17/2021

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few months, you’ve likely seen, heard or read about Street Outlaw’s new spin-off series, No Prep Kings. What started with the massive no prep events in Bristol and Memphis has become so popular that Discovery Channel gave the series of on-track events its own show. We’ve seen many of the stars of both Street Outlaws shows join the heavy hitters from the no prep world on tracks all across the country to throw down and take home a stack of cash and bragging rights. The video below caught the latest action at Orangeburg Raceway in South Carolina, where the winner’s paycheck was a whopping $40,000!

One of the original show’s fan-favorites, Dominator, lined up with this great looking early 60’s Impala in a battle of big tire hotrods that would prove to be one of the most exciting races on the day, but not for the reason either driver had hoped. Neither car managed to do a great burnout, and the race itself is a great look at why we see the guys at these races doing such long, smoky burnouts most of the time.

After backing up from the abbreviated burnouts, both drivers pull to the line and begin the staging process. Dominator builds boost in his twin turbocharged Dodge Dart and bumps into the staging beams. As soon as the green light flashes, both cars leave and immediately lose traction. Both drivers quickly jump off the throttle and give the rear tires a chance to reconnect with the asphalt before jumping back on the loud pedal. The second time around, Dominator finds traction while the Impala continues to spin, leaving him helpless to do anything but watch Dominator drive away for the win.

You can bet these guys both learned a valuable lesson and will be paying closer attention to their burnout process, making sure to lay down some fresh rubber and heat the tires up better from now on.