Don't Give the Finger to a Truck Driver INSTANT KARMA

Posted by: Matt Wright on 11/18/2021

Don’t Give the Finger to a Truck Driver INSTANT KARMA

There are some people that never fail to amaze us. The driver of this Audi shows an extreme amount of disrespect in his driving and quickly learns not to mess with those bigger than he is.

The car cuts off a truck much bigger than it, causing the need for the truck to slam on the brakes. As if that wasn’t bad enough, the Audi driver slams on the brakes again in spite after the truck honks his horn to show his displeasure about the dangerous driving.

The Audi owner promptly sticks his hand out the window in response to this honk with his middle finger pointed at the sky and slows down even more. At this point, the truck driver becomes enraged and instantly accelerates to rear end the car.

The video ends with the truck driver getting out to talk and the Audi owner who is now fleeing toward his car. Do you think this crash was an appropriate reaction? We can think of many times when we wanted to do this. Our insurance company probably wouldn’t be too pleased, though.