Don't Pour 5 Gallons of Gas on a Bonfire!

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/18/2021

Do you remember that one chemistry teacher that you had that alway pulled out the cool experiments that made what he was talking about bearable? Yeah, we’re talking about the one that lit stuff on fire.

Well, this time, he’s back in a much less formal sense of the role. This time, we learn about the flammable and combustible properties brought to the table by gasoline.

When this guy decides that lighting up a bonfire with some gas is the way to go, he might have gone just a little bit overkill with the fluid.

We already know that things are going to go bad when this guy dumps out a whole container of gas on a rather large stack of wood.

Once the match is dropped, it’s game over as the gas and liquid explode right in this dude’s face. Maybe next time, a little bit of moderation will come into play.