Donut High Five Gas Monkey Garage Style

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/18/2021

Donut High Five Gas Monkey Garage Style

When it comes to Gas Monkey Garage, pumping out all of those crazy builds simply just can’t happen without a sense of energy and enthusiasm across the board.

This time, we get just a quick clip of some behind the scenes that just might make you smile. When Richard let KC and Jon take a car out for the typical Gas Monkey test drive he decided to give them a little pep up.

To throw them a little encouragement after they set off, Richard chased down the car, sprinting as fast as he could and threw them a high five!

Check out the shenanigans in the video below that gives you an inside look at the atmosphere that lingers around the Gas Monkey Garage!

Yeah, this guy is going to instantly regret his road rage decisions.