Drag Racing With Studded Tires In The Snow? Seems Sketchy!

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on 11/17/2021

If you haven’t figured out by now, guys and gals of the gearhead persuasion are almost always going to figure out a way to race in any conditions, including on the snow and ice. We love the idea of drag racing on the ice, especially when you add in these gnarly studded tires that actually allow the drag racers to get enough traction to stand up on the ice and tote the front wheels while riding the wheelie bar out back.

There are some cool rides in this video beyond the modded drag trucks, which look very much like what we are used to seeing screaming through mud bogs and dirt drags when there’s not snow and ice on the ground. We don’t really have any details about what’s going on underneath the hoods, or where the hoods should be, but they sound like they’re cranking out a ton of power and they dang sure move across the ice at high rates of speed.

As you’d expect, there’s also some modified Jeeps enjoying the frozen offloading, hitting the snow drifts much the same way we see them slinging sand in the dunes out west during the summer. The one Jeep has a run in with an officer on a snowmobile but seems to have gotten away with only a slap on the wrist and no major citations.

Speaking of snowmobiles, there are some downright wicked sounding sleds in this video that scream across the ice at incredibly high speeds. Of all the rides in this video, I would most like to take a shot at taming one these bests, as they look like they would be the most fun to be had on zero wheels, except for maybe flying with the Blue Angels.

This just proves there really is no off-season for racing if you’re willing to get creative and put in the work to make it happen year round!