Dropping a Nearly 8,000lb Humvee Out Of An Airplane is No Easy Task.

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/17/2021

Down here on solid earth, the Humvee is one of the most dominating physical vehicles that money can buy. The utility vehicles are built like oxen to serve the purpose of being the ultimate utility vehicle that can also pack a punch when they need to get out of a tight spot. However, when you think of these brutal 8,000 lb machines, you probably don’t put all that much thought into exactly how they’d look when they’re flying through the air.

As you could probably imagine, getting something this heavy and massive to fly through the sky, out of an airplane, and touch down without doing damage could prove to be a bit of a challenge but this time, we get the opportunity to check out just that as a couple of conveniently placed cameras take us inside of what it’s like to see an 8,000 lb machine loaded up and thrust out of an aircraft thousands of feet above the ground with its 8,000 lb comrades beside it.

The sight is really something to see and even more to wrap your mind around as you think of the trial and error that has probably had to be invested in getting these things to find their way to the ground safely. Logically, it just doesn’t seem like something that’s supposed to work but lo and behold, these guys do it on the regular!

Check out the video below that shows about the one and only time that machines like this will operate under any sort of gracefulness because we know that when they finally touch down, it’s all ground and pound from here on out but for now, just take a moment to witness them slowly gliding through the sky, after they’re dropped by the C-17, and making their way down to the ground once again!