Dude Completely Destroys Girlfriend's Dad's Truck in Brutal Rollover

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/17/2021

When it comes to the parents of your significant other, it might just be an area to walk on egg shells. Sure, in all other areas of life, if you screw it up you can usually walk away from it or fix it, but if you plan on staying with the lady in your life, you’re probably going to want to keep her dad happy. Otherwise, he’ll probably come after you with a vengeance. If there were one and only one way to make your girlfriend’s dad hate you for all of eternity and try to shun you from his daughter, this guy found that way.

While this gigantic rock crawling fail has many dramatic elements, perhaps the best is that the guy behind the camera calls it play by play all before it goes down! Listen to the commentary as the camera man says “He’s going to nose dive it and roll it over.” It almost seems like this dude is looking straight into a crystal ball and makes us wonder why he didn’t offer any guidance. I guess that if someone were doing something as stupid as wrecking another person’s truck, I might not want to be involved with it, either.

This is promptly followed by a rollover and a quite upset young man who says “That is not good, you don’t understand… this is her dad’s truck!” That was really the plot twist if we’ve ever seen one and definitely a situation that’s going to need a well-executed master plan to be able to recover from.

As a guy, getting in the good graces of your better half’s father is a huge stress reliever on life. This guy has made some backwards progress, but maybe he’ll be able to figure out how to score some cool points in the future. Perhaps it’s time to go truck shopping.