Dukes Of Hazzard Star John Schneider Addresses "The Accident" They Had On Set That Took The Life Of A Camera Operator

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/16/2021

Sometimes, it can be pretty wild how quickly rumors tend to spread. Even if a story is incredibly far from the truth, before we know it, word-of-mouth might have it sounded like the real deal. There comes a point where a story is recycled so many times that fiction stands in for the truth.

If we were to ask John Schneider, also known as Bo Duke from the Dukes of Hazzard, he might say that just this situation has unfolded in his world. The venue is the most unfortunate story, perhaps, of the filming of Dukes of Hazzard.

There are always trials and tribulations that go alongside an intense film shoot. While it might seem like a dream job to most, putting together a film can be a lot of work. However, I’m not sure that there are too many stories that get more unfortunate than this one. As it turns out, during the filming of the series, a cameraman passed away on the job. Due to an issue with a piece of film equipment, Rodney Mitchell ended up falling and meeting an untimely demise.

As the situation has grown sometime from now, it has been spun into what seems to be some sort of a tall tale. Schneider, who was on the scene, decided that he would like to set the story straight. It seems as if he thinks the rumors have strayed too far from what he had seen with his very own eyes. Therefore, he decided to hop on YouTube and voice his side of the story.

In the video below, we hear the entire story from a primary source. Things are much different when they come from the mouth of someone who was actually involved. In an effort to honor his fallen coworker, John looks to set the record straight.