Chip Foose Reveals Eldorod First Car Ever Drawn And The Last Car Built For Boyd Coddington.

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/17/2021

If you look at the landscape of today’s car world, Chip Foose is most certainly a household name for anyone who shares in the passion. Way back in the day, as you may or may not know, Chip used to work for another famous hot rod designer in Boyd Coddington. Since then, Chip would end up leaving, ultimately end up going in the competition with Boyd but what they shared seems to be something that won’t be forgotten and is held in high regard, not diminished by their departure from each other in a business sense.

In this video, we get a look at a car that would be the first one sketched up by Foose and, ironacally enough, the last one that would ever leave the late Coddington’s garage. For years, the vision would remain incomplete but recently, Chip would take it upon himself to make the time to finish the 1948 Cadillac that has been affectionately called “Eldorod” and when you lay your eyes on this thing, like many other Foose/Coddington creations, you can really tell that this car is something special that really pops, even if it were placed amongst other high-end customs.

In the video below, Chip pulls the cover off of a car that has been years upon years in the making and has finally come together in one package that really spells out perfection. Even past all of the hard work and effort that was invested in this car, the vehicle has so much history behind it that truly makes this machine something incredibly special. I wouldn’t be surprised to see this car in a museum one day because it’s the clashing of two of the community’s most respected builders coming together as this vision that has been brewing for years has finally come to life.