Electric fastback Mustang, Zombie 222 hits the drag strip

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/18/2021

Because the Ford Mustang tends to be so plentiful and many of them are affordable, you find all kinds of engine combinations under the hood of any given year.

However, the one combination that we will never get used to seeing accompanying a muscle car like the Mustang is that of electric power.

This time, we join in with the Zombie 222, the electric swapped Stang that makes all kinds of power and torque while surprising folks left and right at the combination.

Seriously, this thing has to turn some heads when it heads out to the streets or to compete at the drag strip and makes no noise at all but somehow rockets to the finish line.

Check out the video below as the car attempts to conquer the quarter mile and lay down its best time. Who would have ever thought that times like these were possible with such a combination?