Elon Musk is at it Again, This Time Teasing a Talking Tesla

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/16/2021

For those who are big fans of Knight Rider, rejoice. Your real-life K.I.T.T. is about to come to life. It seems as if right over the horizon, some cars are going to start talking. No, you didn’t read that incorrectly. It appears as if a little bit of innovation has actually been triggered by regulations currently in place in the EU. These same regulations are on their way to America later this year.

Currently, in the European Union, slow-moving electric vehicles need to produce some sort of sound for pedestrian safety. While some of the players in the industry have decided to make their cars omit traditional combustion sounds, Tesla seems to be going in a different direction.

Elon Musk has been at it again, teasing the next innovation to hop on board with his cars. Instead of putting forth a vehicle sound, we will have cars that start talking.

Now, it’s not really clear how exactly this is all going to be put in place. After all, vehicles are regulated below a certain speed and need to make sound whenever they’re traveling below that speed. It’s hard to imagine a situation where a talking car is going to be jabbering away the entire time that it’s traveling beneath 19.5 mph. Nonetheless, if these things are talking at all, it’s definitely going to create an interesting conversation. No pun intended.

By following along with the CNBC clip below, we’re able to learn a little bit more about what this might entail. Sometimes, Musk’s ideas end up being a little bit crazier than others. However, he has also shown us that putting a little bit of faith in him can really end with some amazing results.

Is it only a matter of time before our cars are talking to us? I guess that only time will tell.