Man Found, Rebuilt Dom's Charger From Fast and The Furious For SEMA 2019

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/16/2021

When it comes to our favorite movies, we think that a lot of car fans might have one thing in common. It’s not going to be everyone, but a good portion have fallen for the Fast and Furious saga. It’s been almost 20 years since the franchise originally came out. Back in its heyday, the likes of some of the most prominent vehicles made us fall in love. All these years later, we’ve really hung onto them.

Whether it was the bright orange Toyota Supra wielded by Paul Walker’s character, Brian O’Connor or the muscular Dodge Charger that was a dominating presence on-screen, there was just so watch to love. It’s clear that the car selection was well thought out.

As fans ourselves, we have to admit that getting our hands on one of these things would be nothing short of a dream. We’re sure that there are lots of folks who would love to host one of these icons in the garage. However, practicality dictates that maybe that’s not exactly a realistic goal for most.

For one lucky enthusiast, though, he would end up coming into a couple of vehicles from the series. However, they weren’t exactly what he expected. That wasn’t bad, though, as he would end up making out like a bandit. After winning a couple of vehicles and auction, this Fast and Furious lover would get a little more than he bargained for.

In the VINWiki video down below, we get to dive into the story and learn all about how one might be fortunate enough to come into some of the most desired movie cars of all time. In addition, the story takes us down a winding road and ends in a restoration for SEMA. Car guy dreams don’t get much bigger than this, so grab your popcorn. This one is about to take us through an interesting series of events.