Entitled Mercedes Driver Pepper Sprays Innocent Motorist

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on 11/17/2021

We get it, sometimes other motorists do something you disagree with and you give you an instant case of road range. You yell, you honk, you give them the finger, then you take some deep breaths and go on with your day.

Or, in the case of this European driver, you pull in front of the other guy, get out, walk over and pepper spray the driver in the face. We can’t really say we agree with this guys decision, especially considering the other driver did nothing to deserve the spray that we can see. There was an obvious miscommunication between the drivers as they both tried to swap lanes, but there is no way the driver of the small red compact car had any ill intention toward the guy in the Mercedes.

Apparently none of that matters, though, as the Benz driver proceeded to carry out his form of instant justice right there in the middle of the highway.