Exploring the Original Tesla Roadster (2008-2012) That Nobody Seems to Remember

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/16/2021

It’s kind of hard to pick an exact point where Tesla blew up. These days, the brand really seems to be on the cutting edge of automotive technology. What we can say is that the first model to really gain traction in the mainstream was the Tesla Model S. The Model S began production in 2012.

Tesla has been pumping out cars since 2008, though. So what was the first car that they had ever produced?

Back in ’08, the first-ever Tesla to ever pound the pavement was the Tesla Roadster. The car gained a little bit of notoriety for doing something different for its time. However, this was still when electric vehicles are rather niche. The vehicle never really gained the widespread popularity that the brand has today. Tesla hopes to gain a little bit more popularity with its next-generation Roadster later in 2020.

All of these years later, though, it’s rather interesting to take a dive back into the original Tesla. After all, if the company ends up living as long as Chevrolet and Ford, this thing will be a piece of history one day. It could end up being Tesla’s, Model T!

This time, we follow along with the Roadster that was supposedly the original car used in Tesla promotional materials. It’s pretty neat to take a slight jump back in time to see where exactly this groundbreaking automaker started out.

As far as price goes, one of these machines would start at around $80,000 but the highest end Tesla Roadster would touch $128,500. There were only 2450 to ever exist and of those, only 70 were fully loaded. This time, we get to check out one of the fully-loaded examples.

Oh yeah, it doesn’t seem like the price was explicitly stated in the video as the WHAT’S INSIDE? FAMILY YouTube channel added the car to their collection. It does appear as if these cars can range from about $40,000 up to $90,000 depending on year and condition.