Extreme Facebook Update.. LIKE A BOSS

Posted by: Matt Wright on 11/18/2021

Extreme Facebook Update.. LIKE A BOSS

Using your cell phone while driving isn’t exactly the greatest idea as some folks can’t seem to grasp the concept of multitasking, but something tells us that the stunt rider on this motorcycle failed to get that memo or straight up doesn’t care.

Not only is this guy using his phone to update his status on Facebook, but he’s doing it in a bit of a unique way as he stands up on his bike backwards while flying down the highway with a whole pack of other bikers.

This insanity can be caught in the video below as this nut defies death all to keep his friends updated on what he’s doing. We would really like to know what was so important that he wanted to do it in this fashion. We get the impression that he was posting a selfie!